One size does not fit all. It fits nobody.

Clayton Christensen

  • Assessment and Development of Leaders

    Key takeaways

    Assessing a leader can be complex due to three challenges

    • Marrying nuances of the business context and culture to leadership requirements
    • Reconciling 3 orthogonal dimensions – Experiences (the Past), Capabilities (the Present) and Potential (the future)
    • Going beyond the individual’s claims to get to the real picture

    How Transition Insight can help

    • Help with a hiring decision (evaluate finalist internal and external candidates as the case might be)
    • Assess and develop the leadership team as a whole in the context of your strategy and vision
    • Identify and enable investment in High Potentials in the organization by shining light on these diamonds in the rough
    • Preparing a bespoke development plan based on the capabilities and the inner wiring of the leader

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  • Enabling thoughtful Leadership Transitions

    Key takeaways

    Entrepreneur hiring a senior leader as the organization goes from Start-up to Scale up:

    • This is often the first time, the entrepreneur is letting go of the reins to a senior professional
    • The professional coming in is often more tenured and experienced and that brings its own dynamic into play
    • The professional is often coming from a different context (Consulting firm/Steady industry) and that transition can be hard

    Succession planning for leaders

    • Organizations need to think about going external or internal (or do a combination of both)
    • It is critical to look at the external talent and the internal talent with similar lens
    • There is sensitivity and confidentiality that needs to be managed around the whole exercise

    Role transition

    • CXO - CEO: The leader often needs to embrace new behaviours - what got you here unlike to get you there (Quote courtesy Marshall Goldsmith)
    • External hire: The leader needs to settle into a new culture and quickly ramp up to start adding value to business in a context where relationships and trust are in the process of being established
    • Internal transfer: Leaders who come in from a different geography or a BU can still find it challenging to settle into a new role

    How Transition Insight can help

    • Bring a first principles problem solving rigour to the transition context and come up with a bespoke approach that is fit for purpose (given the background in McKinsey & Co.)
    • Link business objectives with Leadership requirements and bring the rigour of Leadership Assessment in these situations (given the background in EgonZehnder)
    • Build a trusted relationship with the wider organizational ecosystem and work with the Leader with a helping mindset (given the training as a CEO Coach)

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  • Confidential Transition Advisory

    Key takeaways

    Career transitions are hard due to 3 reasons

    • There are multiple personal and professional variables at play
    • It often requires a deep inquiry into self which is often hard to do on one’s own given the biases at play
    • One has to make a decision based on multiple bespoke conversations with people with a certain limited world-view. It is hard to find somebody to co-own the Transition problem over a prolonged period of time

    How Transition Insight can help (varies significantly from case to case)

    • Deep dive assessment of the leader (show the mirror) based on conversations, references (personal and professional domain) and psychometrics
    • Show the mirror and problem-solve the "where to go" question
    • Make curated market introductions (search consultants and otherwise) as appropriate
    • Help in converting leads/deciding between options as they show up

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